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Skylight installation & repair in Central coast

Central Coast Skylights installs and repairs affordable skylights for homes and businesses throughout Central Coast. Our team also removes existing skylights and restores all ceiling and roofing profiles to preserve the aesthetics of your home. You can rest assured we leave everything spotless, disposing of old materials and professionally cleaning your site.

Install a skylight today, and bring light to dark rooms, unlit corners, and shadowy hallways with a natural light solution. Call Central Coast Skylights for a quote.
Skylight build
Light installations


Everyone loves a room drenched in sunlight. Illuminate your interior and enhance your décor with a newly installed skylight. Our team considers your lighting needs and determines the ideal solution for your home or business.

Central Coast Skylights consults with you on-site, considering roof profile and pitch, sunlight angles, room dimensions, and property features to select skylights that will maximise the available daylight for your needs. Do you want to light a pantry, a sunny playroom, or ventilate a laundry? Our team has the answer!
Fixed skylight — Skylight Installations & Repairs in Central Coast, NSW

Fixed skylights

Affordable and easy to install, fixed skylights can be curb-mounted with timber or aluminium flashing, or self-flashing for a streamlined finish. Square, rectangular, and circular sizes are available in acrylic domes or flat glass. Sturdy and practical, fixed ... Read more
Tubular skylight — Skylight Installations & Repairs in Central Coast, NSW

Tubular skylights

Dark corridors and small windowless spaces like pantries and walk-in robes can be brightly lit with tubular skylights. Featuring highly reflective shafts, tubular skylights deliver maximum brightness in hard-to-reach spaces throughout the home.

Solor skylight — Skylight Installations & Repairs in Central Coast, NSW

Solar skylights

Solar skylights are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to electric or natural light fixtures. Brighten long hallways and narrow rooms with solar fixtures, where multiple light sources are needed to effectively cover the area. We ... Read more

Repairs & Removals

Storms, strong winds, and hail can damage skylight domes and fixtures. If you notice your skylight is leaking after bad weather, call Central Coast Skylights. We will promptly assess your skylight and advise on repairs. Our service vehicles are fully equipped, and your skylight can be fixed or replaced in no time.
Yearly maintenance can prevent most problems, including:
  • Age-related leaks
  • Loose fittings
  • Gasket wear & corrosion
  • Cracked & yellowing domes
  • Leaf and debris around flashings
Call Central Coast Skylights for a health check on your skylights, to keep them appealing, functional and watertight.